Lesson series

Sexual Violence: Understanding Victimization

This course, Sexual Violence: Understanding Victimization, provides an overview of sexual violence’s effect on victims—its prevalence, factors that contribute to the prevalence and how it can impact victims’ health. It explores how victims’ needs are often influenced by their traumatic response and reactions to the violence perpetrated against them and ways to support victims in healing from the trauma. It discusses gender bias and its connection to gender-based violence, in particular sexual assault. It looks at the phenomenon of victim blaming when a sexual assault occurs, why it is a common reaction, how it affects victims and what can be done to reduce the level of victim blaming in communities. Lastly, this course offers basic information about sex offenders not only to dispel common myths associated with sexual assault, but to allow professionals to better advocate for victims on both individual and systematic levels.

Course Modules

Prevalence and Risk Factors

Impact and Indicators of Sexual Violence

Understanding Victim Trauma

Gender Bias

Victim Blaming and Sexual Assault

Sex Offenders